The college library is one of the institution’s main educational resources. It exists to support the information needs of all members of the institution; students, teachers, managers, and support staff. It provides resources in many formats. It provides the support that end users need to plan, locate, retrieve, select, appraise, organize, record and communicate information. It serves the educational process as a learning center and as an information center, and can support the institution best when closely integrated into the academic process.
Kathy Ennis’ definition of a college library reflects the UIC library. She says : “A library now is a part of a converged service, consisting of library media resources, reprographics, guidance and information technology. Thus, the library is called “Learning Resource Services Center”.


We, the members of the UIC family, in harmony with God’s creation and in response to the signs of the times for the transformation of society under the reign of God, envision ourselves as a community of Christian leaders witnessing Gospel values of justice, peace and love inspired by the example of Mary, Mother of God and our Mother and guided by the life and works of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.


In order for us to attain our vision, we hereby commit ourselves to:

  • love and serve God and our neighbor in our personal and communal life;
  • respect and be concerned of the dignity of man especially the poor ;
  • preserve, protect and be responsible for the use of our natural resources;
  • promote and strengthen our Filipino culture and values as we think globally and act locally; and
  • exercise leadership in the pursuit of academic excellence in humanities, science and technology.


In order for us to go nearer our vision and live our mission, we hereby dedicate all our human and material resources to transform the members of the UIC family into enlightened, empowered, pro-active and liberated Christian leaders living in a humane and harmonious community for love of God and love of country.